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  1. 澳门威斯尼人娱乐场,When you see a scar, you don’t have to tear it up to feel the cut, you touch it and immediately the wound underneath tells. The film “City of Life and Death” is like that, director Lu Chuan didn’t show up the anger, brute and ferocity in a straightforward way; instead, he swallowed the sorrow of war bit by bit.

“No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. I believe that I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us.

Also we seem to have some difficulties with our human suction device as a few people apparently figured out a way to defeat one, by simply "holding on" to each other. I propose we execute humans on mass instead of individually killing them with our mightiest "anal probing tentacles."
Also I request we re-calibrate our targeting mechanisms as one human easily seemed to dodge every single death ray at him.
Perhaps we should also make our 120 feet tripod walks outpace a 2 legged 6-foot tall human. We seem to have great difficulty catching people.

As for Chinese, it becomes a “must-see”. There are certain kinds of films when the themes are set to topics like morality, patriotism and war, you will feel hard to judge and criticize because anything stands opposite is week. It feels like the obligation of being a Chinese that forces you to watch the movie and the box office is guaranteed in this sense.

Additionally, the cast were allowed into the American Naval Base in Hawaii to film the climax of Pearl Harbor. A large quantity of money was thrown into the film-making to reproduce the historically magnificent scenes, which may provide the audience a sense of sincerity. Also, it pains tremendously for the Americans to see the bloody scenes or such massive ruins and deaths in Pearl Harbor. Referring to the large investment of money, it is the typical Hollywood-tradition.

2。我喜欢科幻,但是这个里面的外星人入侵情节实在可以用任何其他的灾难来取代,比如火山爆发,台风,或者人类自己打仗。如果就是为了反映一家普通人在灾难中的抗争和互爱的话。。。我很不喜欢那些电影制作人员为了吓唬人,满足自己的快感和某些观众enjoy being scared 的奇怪心态,而形式化地设计恐怖角色,场景,和镜头,这样的态度和做法。从某种角度上说,我甚至觉得对这种dark的东西这么上瘾obsessive是病态的,甚至是evil的。我不反对纯粹的entertaining, 纯粹搞笑,纯粹唯美,等等,起码还是让人愉快或有积极意义的。如果影片平面直线,没有什么出奇之处,全部point就是让你be scared, be very scared, 我觉得简直就近乎侮辱。


澳门威斯尼人平台登录,December 7th, 2001 is the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack. To commemorate the historic event of the United States undoubtedly accounts for the film-making. The heroic plot, huge investment, powerful lines cooperate to establish American-style heroism. Especially the 9-11 terrorism attack happened only months after the showing of Pearl Harbor. Together with Pearl Harbor Event, 9-11 is the second time in history that America suffered such invasion. I believe that during the later part of the year 2001, American people were overwhelmed by national sadness and heroism and patriotism of Americans did undisputably escalate.

I also recommend we stop the practice of our sickened soldiers coughing on every other soldier because apparently we all got sick at the SAME EXACT time and shut down simulataneously.

The director is smart in terms of pleasing both international and local audience. As the national film dealing with a sensitive subject issue, Lu Chuan adopts a Japanese soldier’s point of view to witness the massacre. The concept of “foreigner” is therefore vague and blurred in the film. The true story of John Raber, a German businessman that saved thousands of Chinese during the war is also included in the plot to add the milk of human kindness. This definitely suits the taste of oversea film-goers and increases the movie’s potential of winning international film festival.

Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger. With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph -- so help us God."


The plot of the movie is loose but Chinese people’s states of mind in war are pictured visually in the black and white film. The crowd seemed incredible quiet when facing the massacre, but everybody was crying his heart out inside the deep silence.

“When the action is over and we look back, we understand both more and less. This much is certain. Before the Doolittle raid. America knew nothing but defeat. After it, nothing but victory. Japan realized for the first time that they could lose and began to put it back.America realized that she would win and surged forward.

但是换一个角度,想到这个故事是100年前写的,里面的科幻情节就值得景仰了。我们看了那么多外星人,怪物,科幻的片子,眼光也刁了,相比之下,这个里面的想象和特技都不算怎么出色,但是放在100年前,这个plot还真是挺牛X的。可能,只是不该在100年后还大张旗鼓地拍摄这样一部没有新意的影片?或者,应该在原作基础上下点功夫添加新鲜元素? 我对老斯皮尔伯格的要求不算太高吧。。。

基本上 导演真的很狡猾

On the other hand, the monologue lines of Evelyn reflected the voice responded within an ordinary witness who experienced the real Pearl Harbor Attack. It is not so powerful as the President’s, but the sense of national pride and sentiment of patriotism can be made out through the emotional lines.

From captured earthlings, we found out these creatures have a procedure called a "Vaccination" before sending them to war. I highly recommend we assimilate these procedures before we are sent to war.

Almost every Chinese knows that piece of history. The city of Nanking was raped by Japanese and more than 300,000 Chinese were slaughtered in

The 2001 film Pearl Harber, starred by Ben Affleck, narrates the historic event on December 7th,1941 during the Second World War, in which the Japanese Navy attacked American Naval Base in Hawaii secretly, causing severe casualty and damages to the United States. As a Hollywood-labeled film which received sharp criticism, the romantic plot was added to demonstrate its commercialization, totally different from the general historic documents. However, a sentiment of heroism was prominently unveiled, which could easily stimulate patriotism and the national unity.

Dear Alien High-council President.
by jogurt200 (movies profile) Jul 1, 2005
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Dear Alien High Council President,

The cross section of Nanking massacre is focalized in few Chinese characters in the movie. There is the hero, a Chinese soldier keeps fighting Japanese but sentenced to death; a school teacher who puts in every effort she could afford to save people but still feels powerless in front of the war; a wanton woman who becomes the heroine when volunteering to be the prostitute for Japanese army in order to save the rest of people; a father who walk between Germany and Japanese but made up his mind when witnessing his little daughter throwing out of window by Japanese….

In the first place, foundations have been laid at the scenes of Rafe and Danny’s playing with the plane in their childhood. To be pilots flying in the sky is their dream. The heroism rooted and was cultivated in their yellowish childhood and brotherhood. Rafe volunteered to join the air battles in Europe against the Nazi Germany. Even the desperate pilots took revenge against Japan, risking sacrificing their lives in the latter part of the film. These plots have shed the light of heroism onto the film and roles.

Yours dearly,
Alien # 135-SZ35.

It was a war that changed America.That's for all the raiders.World War II for us began at Pearl Harbor and men still lie entombed.in the battleship Arizona. America suffered, but America grew stronger.It was not inevitable.The times tried our souls and through the trial, we overcame”.


Further more, the lines in the film is the most impressive and contributed the most to the US-labeled heroism. The episodic oration of then-President Roosevelt can be considered the most excitable, demonstrating the power of the words. The address from the President definitely represented the fearlessness of all the Americans.

I am a lowly pilot that was deployed to "Earth" via the lightning to get rid of the humans.
However, I found that my deadliest ray guns failed on cotton clothing but suprisingly melted steel and humans with high accuracy. Despite being bullet-resistant, I think our tentacles should be made axe-proof. Just slightly more, sir.


Also please re-configure our shields so that it suddenly doesn't turn off when the pilot gets ill.

I hope this letter reaches you, High-council President.