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(这不是一篇影评,所以请大家不要随便点“没用”。我发这篇文章时豆瓣尚未恢复底部的讨论区,所以唯一可发的地方就是影评区。我现在的目的是不让它沉下去,所以请不要点“没用”。谢谢理解。另外,自从8月30日电影公映以来,越来越多的影迷对我的帖子表示了支持,在此谢谢所有好心影迷。我在豆瓣创建了贴现拍海报和票根的活动,到时候我会把链接给Duncan Jones看,欢迎有兴趣的朋友参与http://www.douban.com/online/10916411/)

Still looking for a movie this week that can keep you on the edge of your seat?

From BBC news

Duncan Jones处女作Moon上映时,我在Twitter上联系到Duncan Jones,问他Moon会不会在中国上映,他说他非常希望影片能在中国上映,而且他很想来中国,当时还问我如果能来,该来哪个城市。

Then you should try the sci-fi thriller, Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Duncan Jones.

前言 小目标:坚持一个月,每天阅读一篇英文文章,并把不会,不熟的单词注释出来,争取每天更新一次,至少一周五次,文章会来自BBC news, the Economist, the New York Times 等。发布出来可以和大家一起学习,也可以有效形成监督自己的压力,理解注释不正确的地方,欢迎指正

时隔一年多,Duncan Jones的第二部电影Source Code又将上映,看过预告片后我认为此片比Moon更有大片气质,所以觉得或许相比Moon,Source Code在国内上映的可能性大很多很多。而Jones先生一直延续着他上Twitter的习惯,于是我再次趁他在线时联系他,结果他又回复了我,而且仍然表示非常想来中国,谦虚的态度令人钦佩。

Shooting to fame after the well-received sci-fi film, Moon, in 2009, director Duncan unleashes his wild imagination once again in Source Code and touches on the paradox as to whether human beings are manipulating science to enslave themselves.

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@ManMadeMoon Hi Duncan any chance of SC showing in China?So many people were disappointed that Moon didn't play here!
@ManMadeMoon Moon's gathered a large fan base here and everyone who's seen the SC trailer is looking forward to seeing it in the cinema.

When Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in the body of an unknown man, he discovers that he's assigned to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train, which earlier in the day, was destroyed by massive bombing. Unlike his previous assignments, the mission is a government experiment called, "Source Code" that enables him to cross over into another man's identity in the last 8 minutes of his life to re-create an echo memory.

相信最近我们都被 摔跤吧爸爸 这部电影安利了,看看BBC怎么评价这部最高票房的印度电影?

Duncan Jones:
@JessieAddick I would LOVE to.I have never had the chance to come to China,but would be honored to visit.

The decorated soldier must re-live the incident over and over to locate the bomb and bomber in a false reality to prevent a greater disaster that threatens millions of people in downtown Chicago. Time is urgent. 8 minutes is all he has each time to gather clues to perform the task.

Dangal 这个就是摔爸爸的英文名啦,是不是才注意到…… wrestling 摔跤 blockbuster 畅销大片

The true story of two female wrestlers overturning gender stereotypes has become the highest-grossing Indian film ever in China. It's got people asking when China will make a film like this?

stereotypes 模式化观念,固化观念;grossing 收入,这里是票房的意思

It is a story of female empowerment

empowerment 享有更大权力;female empowerment ​女权

Dangal is not your typical song-and-dance heavy ​Bollywood romance.

heavy 这里应该翻译成浓烈的

Starring ​hugely popular Aamir Khan, it tells the story of Indian wrestler and coach Mahavir Singh Phogat who trained his daughters to become wrestlers - defying ​social norms.

Starring 以…当主角;defying 抵制,反抗;social norms 社会规范,这里指男女不平等

The real-life family is from conservative Haryana state, known for the high prevalence of social issues such as gender inequality and child marriage. And the family faced great adversity to realise his wrestling dreams.

One of his daughters Geeta Phogat went on to win India's first ever gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and became the first Indian female wrestler to qualify for the Olympic Games.

qualify 具备资格

"I think the father really cared about his daughters' future. He would have raised independent daughters no matter what," said one social media user on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo.

"Just left the cinema. All I want to say is, ​after the movie's finished, the whole room applauded. Quite an experience," said another user.

Although some took away an anti-feminist message from the film.

took away 拿走,这里翻译成看出,体会出比较恰当

"I think this is a rather male chauvinistic film. Basically, the dad forced his dream on his two daughters. He didn't teach them to wrestle so that they could avoid being child brides. He taught them to wrestle so he could realise his dream. The girls never had a chance to choose," said one Weibo user.

chauvinistic 沙文主义的

China loves Aamir Khan

Since its release on 5 May in China, the film has already made more than 487m yuan ($70.7m; £54.5m) ​at the box office, according to state news agency Xinhua and continues to do strong business.

at the box office 票房;strong business 在这里大概是强劲增长的意思

It now looks poised to ​unseat Japan's Your Name as the highest grossing non-Hollywood film ever in China, which commentators say points to China's growing fascination with Bollywood.

be poised to 准备做…,极有可能…;unseat 使……下台,这里翻译成取代更好

In China, the film was released as Shuai Jiao Baba, which translates as Let's Wrestle, Dad. Since then the hashtag #LetsWrestleDad has been trending on Weibo.

hashtag 网络话题,比如微博中带#的那种

Aamir Khan's previous films have also been hugely popular in China. His 2009 release, 3 Idiots, ​was a hit in the country and industry watchers called it the film that broke "China's Great Bollywood Wall".

Khan is sometimes credited with reviving China's love for Bollywood, which began with Raj Kapoor's films in the 1950s.

is credited with 归于

"It made me cry and laugh. I'm a big fan of Aamir Khan. He never lets me down," said one netizen on Weibo.

netizen 网民

It's just so good, you won't go to the toilet

Chinese critics say Dangal has helped break China's "prejudice" against Bollywood films, including their excessive length and elaborate but "puzzling" dance scenes.

Prominent Chinese director Feng Xiaogang who watched the movie described his experience watching it with friends.

"I went to the movies along with some 20 friends last night. When the movie finished and they started showing the credits, seven to eight of them rushed to the toilet - turned out they had been holding off going to the bathroom. We went for tea afterwards and all of us said: good movie!"

credits 赞誉;turned out 证明;holding off 憋着

Finally, a decent sports movie

And many social media users and critics are inevitably comparing Dangal to Chinese films, saying it was better than a lot of domestic cinema.

domestic cinema 国内电影业

Yin Hong, a professor from the Tsinghua University and a film critic, told the Beijing Evening News that Dangal puts Chinese movies "to shame".

"Dangal was based on a true story, but its artistic level - from the script-writing to the actors' and actresses' performance, and from the pace to the musical score - is amazing."

He said it had "taught Chinese cinema a lesson".

"We have so many champions in China but we have failed to make a decent sports movie. This is a case worthy of reflection," he said.

worthy of reflection 值得反思

"It could totally have been a Chinese story. but how come we don't have a movie like this?" asked one Weibo user.

Film critic Nan Jiang told the BBC she thinks it's because the Chinese film market is dominated by commercial interests.

"Film makers are concerned with money. They barely care about feminism or female empowerment," she said.

So what does India make of all this success for Dangal in China?

Lots of pride, a little disbelief and several cries of "madness".

Reporting by BBC Monitoring and Beijing Bureau.

Monitoring ​监听台;Bureau 办事处​​​


The story might sound confusing. But working with a superb screenplay by Ben Ripley, the movie sets up a delicate plot that you are intrigued as the suspense builds up. Tricky and unconvincing as the source code theory is, you won't get lost but have a clear concept towards the end. That doesn't occur in many brain-racking sci-fi blockbusters. Remember how bewildered you were after Dicaprio's Inception?

所以我在此号召所有喜欢Moon以及期待Source Code或者喜欢Jake Gyllenhaal、甚至是喜欢David Bowie的朋友,到Duncan Jones的Twitter上去联系他,告诉他如果此片在中国上映一定会大卖。他知道有很多中国人想看的话应该会有所考虑的,毕竟如今国内电影市场如此之大,赚头超多,外国人也是有所了解的。
Duncan Jones的Twitter:

Budgeted at 32 million USD, only about 20 percent Inception's budget, Source Code shows you don't need profanity, excessive violence, gratuitous sex, frequent switch of settings, or expensive visual stunts to feel exhilirated. The prime ingredients are a great story and good sense of timing that neither slows down with story development, which tests your patience nor dashes too fast to boggle your intelligence.

@ManMadeMoon Hi Duncan sorry to bother you with this again but is there any chance of SC showing in China?

On my 1 to 10 movie scale, I give this hair-raising, smart and engrossing entertaining film an EIGHT.

@JessieAddick let me see if I can get an answer for you!Hold tight,and remind me I'd(或许是笔误if) you don't hear back in a day or two...

3月15日更新:Duncan Jones没过几小时就回复我了,虽然不是好消息,但还是能让人保持希望
@JessieAddick sorry to say there is not yet a Chinese distributor for the film...But...We are expanding to new countries all the time!



For those asking,still trying to find out about a China release date for Source Code.


@ManMadeMoon Duncan,a Chinese online friend told me Source Code will be released in Chinese cinema in August.Is it true?Or just a rumour?
@JessieAddick I have heard that too. Not confirmed, but I think it is right.


@ManMadeMoon Hi Duncan.Moon wasn't theatrically released here in China but still many people have seen it and become your fans.
@ManMadeMoon Lots of people want to know if you'll come here for the promotion of SC.
@ManMadeMoon Seeing as you'll fly to Japan so why not expand your far-east trip and come to China-that would be a dream come true for us fans!
@JessieAddick I would love to, but not sure it's going to be possible. Squeezing in a Japan visit, but that may be my last SC thing...
@JessieAddick well... its kind of up to the Chinese distributor, not me.
@ManMadeMoon Cool,so we need to contact the distributor,ha.Fingers crossed...

我在此号召所有看过或没看过Source Code的影迷,一定要到影院去看,为他争票房。这年头这么富有才华又谦逊无比的导演几乎是非常少见的了。
@ManMadeMoon Sir you never read tweets longer than 140 characters?Would you read my long tweet just for once?Please?---Have you noticed that you're receiving more & more tweets from China these days? Since last November I've been calling on people on the biggest Chinese community site to contact you on twitter and it seems that many are tweeting you now. Actually Twitter is blocked in China and we all need to use proxy tools to log on. If Twitter weren't blocked, I'm sure you'd be flooded with hundreds of tweets from China everyday! You may not remember but I'm the first one from China that discovered you on Twitter. There was this 6 page feature article published in last September on the biggest film magazine in China which focused on successful indie movies of 2009. The feature started with the 'story' about me contacting you on Twitter and introduced you to the readers as director of Moon and the pioneer of modern sci-fi movies. That actually started the cult following. Now two years on, you've already gathered a laaarrrge fan base here in China and many people who read my post on that Chinese community site have made the effort to bypass the web block and follow you on Twitter. I've been telling everyone around me and as many people as possible on Chinese community sites to go to see SC starting on Aug.30. I'm sure the movie will do great in China. We all excitedly look forward to it and anything you do in the future. Keep up the good work and best wishes,Jessie xx

@JessieAddick Thank you Jessie. I just read your longer tweet. I'm humbled you've done so much to help my films in China. Thank you.

源代码终于如期公映,导演Duncan Jones唯一最权威影迷网站站长半个月前联系我请我写篇博文介绍我在国内网络上如何帮助Duncan Jones做宣传。我花了两个半天时间写了篇长文章,发给站长时我跟站长说,随便你贴不贴,要缩减或修改也可以,up to him。今天站长真的把它贴出来了,而且内容一个字都未改。。。另,向所有喜欢Moon和Source Code的影迷推荐这个网站,在这里可以找到所有关于Duncan Jones最时新的消息。

Duncan Jones在他的Twitter上也向所有follow他的人推荐了这篇博文:
"Lovely story from a friend in China on getting Source Code out to the mainland audience :"

@ManMadeMoon Went to see SC on Aug.31 with 7 friends.Theatre almost full.Thank you for making this film.Sheer brilliance!Was moved to tears...
@JessieAddick I'm very glad you liked it!

当初有些影迷觉得我第一次和Duncan说起源代码会不会来国内时提到的优异票房是个夸张的、不可实现的事情,甚至有些嗤之以鼻的味道,但是今天最新公布的票房数据是,该片以4300万登顶新一周内地票房。。。所以各位不要低估国内影迷的鉴赏力。因为我看到这一消息时不能上Twitter,于是我在第一时间告诉了前面提到的影迷网站站长,后来他在网站上发布了此消息:,并且也告诉了Duncan Jones。Duncan很高兴的在自己的Twitter上宣布了这个消息。各位影迷,即使已经看过下载的,也请到影院捧场!这样才能让更多的优秀电影看到打开中国市场的希望,而不是永远只有James Cameron,变形金刚,哈里波特。。。

Duncan Jones导演的影迷网站站长(是英国人)在月初问了我的地址,说要寄点东西给我以感谢我为Duncan的电影在国内作的宣传。我没想到的是,今天收到了,居然是由Duncan Jones本人寄过来的。。。一个大大的盒子,我一看到封面FROM一栏手写着DUNCAN JONES,XXXX,LOS ANGELES的字样就立刻感到震惊万分。盒子里面有Moon的两件T-shirt,4个patches,Source Code的一张复古版海报--Duncan Jones本人写了感谢的话并签了名,还有两个Source Code的吊牌。我09年春第一次在网上看到Moon的预告片压根都不会想到2年多后的今天导演大人亲自手签海报感谢,并送来这么一大盒子连买都买不到的纪念品。。。我无法想象世界上还有这么好的导演。。。